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Thursday Trainings
9:00am to 4:00pm

Drupal 8 Content Migrations

  • Location: 235
Learn to move content to Drupal 8 using the Migrate module without writing a single line of PHP. This training is aimed at site builders who will learn to combine various core and contributed modules and write YAML files to accomplish content migrations. No prior experience with the Migrate module

Upgrading your local development environment with DDEV

  • Location: 238
Looking to move your local development environment to a more modern solution? This workshop will introduce students to, a Docker-powered local development environment built on modern principles and designed to be flexible, customizable, and powerful. The workshop will include hands-on exercises for

Theming Drupal 8

  • Location: 321
Note: this is the same class we offered last year with a few updates and tweaks. If you participated in the Theming Drupal 8 training last year we recommend you consider checking out one of the others this year. Themes combine HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Drupal in order to make beautiful websites.

Drupal 8 Crash Course (for Content-Editors, Marketers, and Project Managers)

  • Location: 334
Are you responsible for project management, content, or vendor selection and preparing to work with Drupal? This one-day training delivers all of the tools you need to get started. Delivered by an Acquia Certified Drupal Developer, this training will answer the questions you didn’t even know to ask

Intro to Backdrop CMS

  • Location: 448
Backdrop CMS is for the small to medium sized business, non-profits, educational institutions, and companies or organizations who are delivering comprehensive websites on a budget. This introductory training will cover the basics of creating and administering a website with Backdrop CMS.   Training
9:00am to 9:45am

Opening Remarks + Camp Photo

  • Location: Law School Atrium
10:00am to 11:00am

Understanding Drupal

  • Speaker(s): dinarcon
  • Location: 235
  • Site Building
Drupal is an extremely flexible system. To achieve this, various layers of abstractions were built into it. A lot of concepts were created to explain these abstractions. Unfortunately, they are not always intuitive. This session aims to explain the basic building blocks for assembling a Drupal site

Drupal and the Music Industry: Learning from Our Success

  • Speaker(s): mtift
  • Location: 238
  • Business, Community Wellness
The music industry is one of those areas where Drupal does well. For example, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Eric Clapton, The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Turner Broadcasting, Atlantic Records, Nonesuch, Warner Bros. Records, the Grammys, and Radio France all use Drupal. But this list of

Lando Ddev Docksal - Battle Royale of local development

  • Speaker(s): Wylbur
  • Location: 321
  • Getting Started, Site Building, Back-end Design & Development, Front-end Design & Development
Three nimble contenders will enter the ring...which will survive? In this session we will compare 3 docker based development environments and see how they stack up. We'll explore their strengths and weaknesses, and consider how they perform on MAC, Windows and Linux machines. We'll explore the

Taking a Clients Business Worklow Online with no Custom Code

  • Speaker(s): JJmonterey
  • Location: 446
  • Site Building, Front-end Design & Development
This Session is for site builders who have little experience with PHP.
11:15am to 12:15pm

Keeping Drupal 8 Up-to-Date

  • Speaker(s): ambermatz
  • Location: 235
  • Site Building
Between Drupal 8's regularly scheduled updates and its security releases, it's more important than ever to understand how to keep your Drupal 8 site up-to-date. Getting your Drupal 8 site up-to-date can depend on a number of factors: - How the Drupal site was installed in the first place - What

Component Based Theming With UI Patterns and Pattern Lab

  • Speaker(s): brianperry
  • Location: 238
  • Site Building, Front-end Design & Development
Since the release of Drupal 8, great strides have been made to develop a component based theming workflow that takes advantage of the best that Twig has to offer and also plays nice with living style guides and pattern libraries. Gone are the days of redundant styles and markup, making way for the

Progressive Decoupling: A case study with PRI

  • Speaker(s): Brandon Hundt
  • Location: 321
  • Site Building, Front-end Design & Development, Project Management, Business
In 2015, Dries published a blog post titled “The Future of Decoupled Drupal”. In this post, he outlines several ways to approach “decoupling”, a fancy word that refers to the process of migrating from a monolithic CMS to an API-driven, distributed architecture. One of the concepts Dries outlined in

The GDPR is here. Are you ready? (You need to be!)

  • Speaker(s): ochenk
  • Location: 446
  • Back-end Design & Development, Project Management, Business
The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) just went into effect May 25, 2018. So, 1) What is it? And 2) Do you have to care about it? The short answer is: 1) It’s complicated. And 2) Almost certainly, yes. You are probably legally obligated to care about it.
1:45pm to 2:15pm

Developing a Culture of Mentorship

  • Speaker(s): tessak22
  • Location: 235
  • Community Wellness
It’s easy to spend your entire day, heads down, coding projects without thinking twice about other developers around you. We often get too absorbed with completing our immediate deadlines to spend any time considering the future of our projects, the future of our teams. By not mentoring new

Scaling Community Decision-making

  • Speaker(s): mlncn
  • Location: 238
  • Community Wellness
Any Free/Libre Open Source Software project will have elements of do-ocracy (rule of those who do the work) but this approach does not work for all decisions a software community must make. Largely of necessity in heavily volunteer-driven projects, all people who must carry out a decision have to

Next Level Twig: Extensions

  • Speaker(s): kerasai
  • Location: 321
  • Back-end Design & Development
Drupal 8 features many enhancements, one of the most-prominent being the implementation of the Twig templating system. But are you really getting the most out of your Twig? If you’re not using Twig extensions, then no--you’re not. Twig extensions allow developers to add processing capabilities to

The Next Big Thing and Why Should I Care?

  • Speaker(s): minneapolisdan
  • Location: 446
  • Front-end Design & Development
Let’s take a quick run down on today’s “next big things” and try to understand them better. Things like augmented reality, voice-activated search, AMP and GDPR. Specifically, (a) what is this and why should I care? (b) how can I start using these today? (c) is there a practical application with
2:30pm to 3:30pm

Configuration Management for Humans

  • Speaker(s): broeker
  • Location: 235
  • Site Building
This session aims to unravel the mysteries of the Drupal 8 configuration system, and to outline an evolving set of best practices explained in human terms.

Dr. Upal is In: Healthcheck your site

  • Speaker(s): socketwench
  • Location: 238
  • Site Building, DevOps
Every site is "healthy" until it isn't. Don't leave things to chance by doing a site health check! In this session we'll introduce the tools and techniques to perform a health-check on your Drupal site using easy, off-the-shelf tools. We'll outline the goals of the health check, and what to do if

Drupal 8 Migrate: It's not rocket science...

  • Speaker(s): franksj
  • Location: 321
  • Back-end Design & Development
...But we'll do some live migrations against from NASA APIs, so we'll *make* it rocket science!

A Drupaler's Guide To Marketing

  • Speaker(s): dgorton
  • Location: 446
  • Project Management, Business
Those of us planning, designing, building or supporting Drupal for others are increasingly working for people who see that work through the lens of Marketing. This session will start by looking at the big picture of what's happening in the web market (Wix, WordPress, Sitecore, etc.), where Drupal 
3:45pm to 4:45pm

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: How Weightlifting Helped Me Accept My Place in Tech

  • Speaker(s): krismaye
  • Location: 235
  • Community Wellness
Weightlifting and tech. On the surface, these two things may not seem to have much in common, but as a woman trying to navigate both of these male-dominated spheres, I’ve often been intimidated, and doubted whether I really belonged. While I was able to overcome imposter syndrome in my

CiviCRM secrets for Drupalers

CiviCRM is an Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system, primarily for nonprofit or civic organizations, that can be integrated into Drupal (6, 7 & 8) as well as Wordpress, Joomla and Backdrop. And it's Open Source! Drupal and CiviCRM have had a long history together, but there is only

Easy, Flexible and Accurate Drupal 8 Search with Dr. Seuss and Search API

  • Speaker(s): adam_fuchs
  • Location: 321
  • Site Building
Who has ever been frustrated by complex, inaccurate, or otherwise painful Drupal 8 search setups. The Whos have—that’s who!

Antaeus At Work; Human Centrism in Experience Design

  • Speaker(s): christephan
  • Location: 446
  • Project Management, Business, Community Wellness
With the rise and proliferation of User Experience (UX) or Experience Design (XD) as a practice and profession, people have come to a nodding understanding of what it is, what it's for, and what it requires. The problem is that many of them are wrong.
6:00pm to 10:00pm

Friday Night Party: House of Balls

  • Location: House of Balls
What's camping without spending a night out under the vast sky enjoying food cooked with fire, tasty beverages, and the company of great friends? That's what we're doing this year at the Friday night party at House of Balls.
10:00am to 11:00am

Why fork Drupal? The philosophy behind Backdrop CMS

  • Speaker(s): jenlamptonquicksketch
  • Location: 235
  • Getting Started, Site Building, Business, Community Wellness
Backdrop CMS is the Drupal fork. It is a faster and less-complex version of Drupal 7 with more features you want, and fewer you don't. This session will highlight the Backdrop Mission, it's intended audience, and it's guiding principles. We'll explain the decision making process, introduce the

Rediscover Google AMP: Learn to integrate AMP with your Drupal project

  • Speaker(s): jasonawant
  • Location: 238
  • Getting Started, Site Building, Back-end Design & Development, Front-end Design & Development
Come learn about the current state of the Google AMP project and its integration with Drupal, where it's all heading, and how to incorporate AMP with your current or next project.

Maximum PhpStorm

  • Speaker(s): cosmicdreams
  • Location: 321
  • Getting Started, Back-end Design & Development, Front-end Design & Development
Together we'll go beyond learning how tools like PhpStorm can level up your developer-y super powers and demonstrate how your developer life can change if you maximize your use of these tools. --- As developers we struggle everyday to solve problems and we rely on development tools to help us

SEO! Snippets! Schema! What is going on?

  • Speaker(s): dianekulseth
  • Location: 446
  • Site Building, Business
The world of search engine optimization is changing faster than ever, thanks to artificial intelligence, and marketers are clamoring for new updates to websites to meet these changes. What changes are most important to the website and how do you manage these? What should you be proactive about,
11:15am to 12:15pm

Accessibility 101 - What's It All About?

  • Speaker(s): keithbundy
  • Location: 235
  • Getting Started, Front-end Design & Development, Business, Community Wellness
This session will discuss what accessibility is, why it is important, and who it benefits. The presenter is totally blind and will incorporate a demonstration of a screen reader with the program.

Steering the Open Web

  • Speaker(s): mbabker
  • Location: 238
  • Business, Community Wellness
To varying degrees, each one of us are responsible for steering the open web. From businesses who create platforms based on open source technologies to "decision makers" involved in managing open source projects, each one of us in some way influence how the open web evolves.

Drupal with and without React, a head to headless comparison

  • Speaker(s): void--
  • Location: 321
  • Back-end Design & Development, Front-end Design & Development, Business
If you've been a part of the Drupal world over the past few years you've no doubt heard of, pondered, or taken part yourself in the headless debate. JavaScript frameworks like React and Vue are the new hotness, and they're taking the world by storm; at the same time Drupal 8 has gone in a similar

Hello [user:name]: Personalization for Everyone

  • Speaker(s): cgreaten
  • Location: 446
  • Business
Today, people have access to more information than ever before and they can access that information across many different devices. However, just having access to more information and more access to that information does not translate into an engaging user experience. Content providers have a wealth
1:45pm to 2:45pm

Nobody wants a website. They want results!

  • Speaker(s): mcdwayne
  • Location: 235
  • Project Management, Business
How many times have you been in a situation where the client is never happy with the results, no matter what you do? How many 'emergency' messages have you responded to because the site isn't quite right in some new way? How many clients have you lost or fired because they honestly had no idea

How to cope when the community lets you down?

Attend any Drupal event and you will hear people talking about how important the Drupal community is to them or how much the Drupal community has impacted their life. Look deeper and ask around and you will also find many people who at some point in time have felt betrayed or let down by the

Everything is a Block: How WordPress Rewrote the WYSIWYG

  • Speaker(s): stevector
  • Location: 321
  • Site Building, Front-end Design & Development
Adding structural concepts to a CMS is easier than removing them. Drupal has collected the concept of blocks, regions, Panels, Panes, layouts, beans, theme hooks, render elements, view modes, Views, and the list goes on and on. WordPress, that other GPL, LAMP stack CMS from the early 2000s, has the

Data4Drupal - What data is important for successful site redesigns?

  • Speaker(s): sethviebrock
  • Location: 446
  • Front-end Design & Development, Business
Developers, designers, and clients alike should be data advocates. In today’s age, data is plentiful and an important precursor to successful website redesigns. Just like stereotypes can misrepresent reality, best practices can misrepresent what actually works for *your* particular site redesign.
3:00pm to 4:00pm

Ready? Set. Contribute!

  • Speaker(s): eojthebrave
  • Location: 235
  • Getting Started, Community Wellness
Sharing is at the root of our community. We share code, knowledge, experiences, and sometimes even conflict—all in the interest of making Drupal better, our community stronger, and improving ourselves. But sharing is rarely easy to do. Competing forces like lack of time, imposter syndrome, and the

Predictive Analytics using R with Drupal

  • Speaker(s): ladew222
  • Location: 238
  • Front-end Design & Development
I have gotten a lot of interest recently on my use of R, google analytics and Drupal to create a website that has dynamic content that is predictive based on a users previous browsing history of the site and behavior relative to site goals. The project uses R, and an additional server, and can be

Conscious Uncoupling -Drupal 8 meets Metalsmith

  • Speaker(s): wernerglinka
  • Location: 321
  • Site Building, Back-end Design & Development, Front-end Design & Development
Drupal 8 is a great back-end content management system that can be used to feed data to all sorts of clients. This case study describes a project that uses a headless Drupal 8 installation that feeds content to a local Metalsmith-based static-site build process. Server data are used to build pages

Personal Internet Security Basics

  • Speaker(s): dandaman
  • Location: 446
  • Getting Started, Business
No matter if you're a developer, designer, manager or a business owner, you're a person. And these days, being a person on the Internet can be a minefield. Phishing attacks are trying to steal your information and some of your passwords have been published on the internet. But you have to work on
4:15pm to 4:45pm

Closing Plenary & Raffle Drawing

  • Location: Law School Atrium
End of day reflections, announcements, and raffle drawing.
5:30pm to 10:45pm

Saturday Night Party: FLOCK

  • Location: Advantage Labs at Flock MPLS
Close out your Twin Cities Drupal Camp with a party! Join us for Games, tasty food and cold beverages at the closing party at FLOCK in Minneapolis. Connect with fellow campers, and take a break before Sunday sprints.   Fun & Games Bring a card or board game!  We'll have a few things available
9:30am to 5:00pm

Sunday Sprints

  • Location: Pantheon
Something for everyone No matter what you do with Drupal (project manager, site builder, designer, programmer, themer, technical writer, usability specialist, ...) or even if you don’t have any Drupal experience at all, this is your chance to get involved and contribute back to the Drupal community