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Steering the Open Web

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Saturday, 11:15am - 12:15pm
Community Wellness
Experience Level: 
Session Length: 
60 minutes

Steering the Open Web

To varying degrees, each one of us are responsible for steering the open web. From businesses who create platforms based on open source technologies to "decision makers" involved in managing open source projects, each one of us in some way influence how the open web evolves. Though our platforms often times have overlapping target markets which creates a perception of competition amongst them, the fact is that the "big 3" CMS' account for over 70% of the CMS market space and over 35% of the Internet as a whole, and that it is important that our communities understand their roles as market leaders and are able to openly discuss common issues and concerns. Through this session, Michael will use his experience as a core contributor and release manager within Joomla to lead this discussion on how we as leaders in the open source community have a responsibility to steer the open web and make informed and responsible decisions for our users.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 

Why it is important as consumers and contributors to open source to openly collaborate and discuss common issues to enable us to steer the open web.