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Drupal 8 Migrate: It's not rocket science...

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Friday, 2:30pm - 3:30pm
Back-end Design & Development
Experience Level: 
Session Length: 
60 minutes

Drupal 8 Migrate: It's not rocket science...

...But we'll do some live migrations against from NASA APIs, so we'll *make* it rocket science!

Migrate is now a core component in Drupal 8 and it's changed an awful lot from Drupal 7. Migrate is now simple and easy, requires a lot less code, and can be taught to do some amazing tricks. There's been a lot done about upgrading and migrating your Drupal 6 or 7 site so we won't cover that here. Instead, we'll cover some of the scary parts like writing custom migrate source, destination, and process objects; wandering through the jungle of the Drupal 8 Migrate contrib space (migrate_drupal_d8 and migrate_source_csv, for example); managing your custom migrations with CMI; and seeding your site with starting content using migrations! This session will be very configuration-heavy and code-intensive, with lots of live demos. (What could possibly go wrong?)

Learn some fun and valuable new migrate skills and explore the frontier that is Drupal 8 Migrate.

You can find the code and slides for this presentation at

Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 

You'll learn how to structure a custom migration module, what tools you should use to be really successful with your migrations and seriously cut down your development time, how to write custom plugins, and how to run migrations customized by interactions with your site (like running a migration with settings from a form!).