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Drupal and the Music Industry: Learning from Our Success

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Friday, 10:00am - 11:00am
Community Wellness
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60 minutes

Drupal and the Music Industry: Learning from Our Success

The music industry is one of those areas where Drupal does well. For example, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Eric Clapton, The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Turner Broadcasting, Atlantic Records, Nonesuch, Warner Bros. Records, the Grammys, and Radio France all use Drupal. But this list of Drupal sites can do more than impress our friends at parties. These websites represent opportunities to understand how a wide variety of people, companies, and industries can collaborate successfully.

Drawing from interviews, case studies, articles, blog posts, videos, and other sources, this talk will examine what we can learn from some of the more noteworthy musical developments in the Drupal community over the past 12 years. We'll go backstage with Sony Music, Warner Music Group, MTV, and other Drupal projects to learn about their genesis, varieties of collaboration, and how Drupal benefited from these projects. Come to this session to learn lessons relevant for business, nonprofits, NGOs, and our daily human interactions.